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Flexibility, Mobility & Recovery to Complement Training for Athletes

Do you pay attention to the latest training trends If so, youll know at this point that yoga is not considered an esoteric practice. Athletes in professional and collegiate sports do yoga to support mobility and recovery training. Endurance athletes use it to prevent injury and correct imbalances. And weight lifters & functional fitness athletes use it to restore flexibility and recover from their resistance training workouts. The post Flexibility, Mobility & Recovery to Complement Tr...

Restorative & Recovery-Focused Fitness

Many of us believe that in order for a workout to be effective that it has to be challenging, intense, and make us sweat. But there is another side of fitness that helps you increase strength, prevent injury, and improve your overall wellness. Im referring to restorative exercise, which is quite often an overlooked, but quite necessary aspect of fitness that will take your fitness to the next level - especially if youre not already doing it. Not to mention, it will make your workouts and your o...

How to Improve Your Yoga Practice (More Advanced Postures & Workouts)

Looking to deepen your yoga practice You need to go deeper into technique (also known as asana, or the third limb of yoga). Most yoga doesn’t go too far into this aspect of yoga because it’s not what most people want. At a yoga studio, there is an expectation that you can show up, go through the motions, and leave with a sense of satisfaction that you did something good for yourself, while also relieving stress. Too much instruction is a turn off for many, so most yoga instructors, out of fear...

Establish Your Routine – A New Year’s Challenge

For New Years this year, I have one simple goal for you: to make living a healthy lifestyle part of your daily routine. The Man Flow Yoga New Years Challenge: Establishing a Healthy Routine, kicks off on Monday, January 7. This is a 6-Week Challenge to help you establish a habit of daily exercise and movement, make healthier decisions, and establish a lifestyle in which healthy and wellness is a priority. The post Establish Your Routine – A New Year’s Challenge appeared first on Man...

Introducing… the Body by Yoga Cork Yoga Mat!

(Made by Dean Pohlman, Founder of Man Flow Yoga) A luxury, soft, no-slip cork yoga mat that’s thicker, wider, and longer than traditional mats; a heavy duty, long-lasting yoga mat made from premium, sustainably-sourced cork and rubber, and featuring an optional built-in alignment system for perfect alignment in every posture. The post Introducing… the Body by Yoga Cork Yoga Mat! appeared first on Man Flow Yoga. ...

Weekend Warriors: Smart Fitness Training for High-Impact Injury Prevention & Flexiblity Training

You know who you are! Weekend Warriors work hard and play hard. On the weekend you’re hiking, working out, running, and doing spartan races. Whatever it is, you’re up for the challenge. But during the week, life gets in the way. Work, family and other obligations make it impossible to go to regular group fitness classes. During the week, you want to make sure you stay strong and do what you can do prevent injury for your weekend workouts, but your time is limited. You also may have this idea th...

SKU-0140-MS7 Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mat Bags & Straps - Ms7 - Mat Storage Strap; 2 X 114 Inches from Mansion Athletics  sku

Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mat Bags & Straps - Ms7 - Mat Storage Strap; 2 X 114 Inches - 0140-MS7 by Cliff Keen

Item description: This Yoga Equipment Yoga Mat Bags & Straps product is by Cliff Keen - Mat Storage Strap -- Two sewn-in handle loops for easy moving, nongouging D rings hold mat firmly in place when rolled. Use one mat strap for approximately every 5 ft. of mat width. Size: 2 x 114 inches. 2"" X 114"" Each... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cliff Keen

Category: Yoga Mat Bags & Straps


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