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Can Mindfulness Alter How We Process Fear?

A fascinating new study has illuminated the potential of mindfulness meditation practices in treating anxiety disorders through fear conditioning therapies. The study by Massachusetts General Hospital shows that mindfulness meditation training can significantly benefit people who suffer from fear and anxiety disorders, and by implication, those who suffer from PTSD and other related conditions. It has long been thought that a positive way to treat people with anxiety disorders is ... Continue...

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The Best Sanskrit Yoga Words to Know and Use

Namaste. Prana. Vinyasa. Om. Ujjayi. These yogic words are common to most yoga classes, but knowing all of the yoga jargon can be intimidating for beginners. Most yoga instructors guide their classes through sequences using both Sanskrit-the classical Indian language used in yoga-and the English translations for the common yoga terms. All of this yoga lingo can be intimidating and confusing to people who are new to their yoga practice. ... Continue reading The Best Sanskrit Yoga Words to Kno...

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November Giveaway: Noya 3-in-1 Jumper

Weve teamed up with our friends at Noya for this months yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of November, YogaBasicsreaders canhave a chance to win a Raspberry Capri Yogzi 3-in-1 Jumper! About Noya: Noya is activewear designed by women for women. They are located in Boulder, CO and plantten trees for every item sold. They focus on reducing environmental impactbyusing eco-friendly material and sourced as locally as possible. All ... Continue reading November Giveaway: Noya 3-in-1 Ju...

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Watch: How a 73-Year-Old Teacher Found Yoga

After being diagnosed with a coronary blockage in an artery, Bill White realized something needed to change. He was retired and 63 years old and had a lot of time on his hands. He decided to start going to yoga classes in the morning on the beach. After practicing yoga for about four months he lost 50 pounds and brought his cholesterol down to 150 from over 225! A few ... Continue reading Watch: How a 73-Year-Old Teacher Found Yoga on ...

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The Best Yogic Recipes for October 2019

Autumn is a big shift in the energy of the outside world as well as a crucial shift to the bodys internal energy. The changes in the weather and the energy of the year has shifted to Vata season. Vata is the Ayurvedic dosha (bio-elemental energy) that contains the properties of the elements ether and air and governs movement in the body, mind, and heart. The Ayurvedic qualities of Vata ... Continue reading The Best Yogic Recipes for October 2019 on ...

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The Best Free Yoga Videos for October 2019

The cool and windy energy of Autumn encourages us to slow down, draw our focus inside and stock up our inner resources for the winter ahead. Thus, fall is a great time to explore yogas subtle energies, and weve found several of the yoga videos in this months collection of free YouTube videos focus on the chakra energy system. We also added several super short practices, from 5 to 10 ... Continue reading The Best Free Yoga Videos for October 2019 on ...

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Yoga Marketing 101 for Teachers and Studios

The yoga market continues to be fast-growing, competitive and crowded. The ability to separate your yoga teaching or yoga studio services from your competitors plays a huge part in achieving and maintaining success in this field. Most teachers and studios could use some marketing tips to stand out in the crowd and become more sucessful. A detailed yoga marketing plan can help you reach a new and larger audience, grow ... Continue reading Yoga Marketing 101 for Teachers and Studios on https:...

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