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6 Easy Ways to Start a Mindful Eating Practice

When you eat with your whole mind and body, you are especially aware of the tastes, textures, colors, smells, and even the sounds of the food. On the other hand, when you eat mindlessly, you may forget to pay attention to these things. As we grow out of childhood, we tend to lose touch with the wonders of perception, including how we perceive eating. However, if we focus on specific ... Continue reading 6 Easy Ways to Start a Mindful Eating Practice on ...

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The 3 Gunas of Nature

In the philosophy of Yoga, all matter in the universe arises from the fundamental substrate called Prakriti. From this ethereal Prakriti the three primary gunas (qualities of energy) emerge creating the essential aspects of all nature--energy, matter, and consciousness. These three gunas are tamas (darkness & chaos), rajas (activity & passion), and sattva (beingness & harmony). The awareness and conscious manipulation of the three gunas are a powerful way to ... Continue reading ...

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Be Inspired to Fly in This Lovely Acroyoga Video

Acroyoga is a relatively new practice (circa 2003) that is a dynamic combination of yoga poses, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Some of the most inspirational and beautiful yoga-themed videos on YouTube are short acroyoga partner flows. The Acroyoga Sanctuary specializes in workshops in acroyoga and recently released several beautifully filmed videos shot in gorgeous locations in Scotland. Our favorite is titled An Epic and Cute Flow for Beginners as this ... Continue reading Be Inspired to Fl...

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September Giveaway: Yoga with Pets

Weve teamed up with our friends at Maria van Bruggen for this months yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of September, YogaBasicsreaders canhave a chance to win a Yoga with Pets Oracle deck and a pair of PookieCatyoga leggings. About Maria van Bruggen: Maria van Bruggen is an artist, writer and published illustrator of several bestsellers. Her art is full of color and reflects her view on life - ... Continue reading September Giveaway: Yoga with Pets on

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What is a Yogi? And How Do You Become One?

Simply put, a yogi is someone who is committed to the practice of yoga. So, if youve done a few downward-facing dogs in your lifetime, does that make you a yogi Um, probably not. While this standard definition of a yogi* is commonly stated, it is too simple to adequately define what a yogi is and isnt. Most importantly, we need to further define what we mean by the words ... Continue reading What is a Yogi And How Do You Become One on ...

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Study Shows Yoga Can Alleviate Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammation can be caused by a variety of environmental and dietary factors, and in many cases is simply one of the bodys many ways of fighting off illness and infection. Chronic inflammation, however, is a more serious issue and can cause a multitude of long-term negative effects on the body. One of the most common chronic inflammation ailments is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease that causes intense inflammation and ... Continue reading Study Shows Yoga Can Alleviate Sympto...

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The Roundup! Busyness Addiction and Pairing Tea with Yoga

This months roundup of yoga-related articles offers a diverse mix of great tips and essential yoga news. In this list, you will find out how to beat busyness addiction and why relaxation is both crucial and beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. We also cover sad news of an important yoga icon passing and a still unresolved decades-old yoga guru scandal. Why and How to Pair Tea and Yoga--Yogis are known ... Continue reading The Roundup! Busyness Addiction and Pairing Tea with Yoga on https://ww...

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