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Warrior Flow: An Indonesian Yoga Video to Be Inspired By

Indonesian Yoga Instructor Rika Mulyaningrum demonstrates a short Warrior Flow vinyasa sequence in this 2-minute yoga video. The video is shot in an indoor urban space adjacent to windows that beautifully filter in light and nature. Rika moves through a modified sun salutation that focuses on Warrior poses one and two, as well as a few other side standing poses. This video is beautifully filmed and edited to capture the ... Continue reading Warrior Flow: An Indonesian Yoga Video to Be Inspir...

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December Giveaway: Halsa Essentials Aromatherapy

Weve teamed up with our friends at Halsa Essentials for this months yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of December, YogaBasicsreaders canhave a chance to win a bundle of 7 Halsa Essentials Aromatherapy Roll-ons! About Halsa Essentials: Halsa Essentials Aromatherapy is a family-owned and operated business that provides high-quality essential oils at affordable prices, so that anyone who wants to experience the benefits of aromatherapy can. They believe life ... Continue reading De...

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How to Prevent Emotional Eating Using Yoga

The possibility of losing weight through the practice of yoga is widely acknowledged but not well-proven. One facet of reducing excess weight and maintaining a healthy body mass is the ability to control and to reduce emotional binge eating. New scientific research has revealed the impact that practicing yoga can on depression, improving metabolism and supporting healthier dietary choices. These two new research studies have linked the practices of yoga ... Continue reading How to Prevent Em...

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The Best Free Yoga Videos for November 2019

The start of the holiday season of travel, feasting, and stress, can create a tight body, a frazzled mind, and an anxious heart. Weve selected several free yoga videos to address many of the common issues of the season--from jet lag to tight shoulders, to back pain and overall stress! These eight yoga classes are all very calming and soothing so they can be enjoyed anytime you feel a bit ... Continue reading The Best Free Yoga Videos for November 2019 on ...

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The Best Free Gratitude Meditation Videos

In our busy day-to-day lives, we often overlook our best and most accessible source of happiness and well-being--gratitude. The synergetic combination of gratitude with meditation creates a powerful healing and calming effect on our bodies, minds, and hearts. Sitting down and focusing on our breath while summoning thoughts of gratitude encourages us to open our hearts and embrace our blessings. This in turn cultivates peace, positivity, and happiness. Weve selected ... Continue reading The B...

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Why Do Yoga Teachers Need to Unionize?

It may be surprising to learn that there currently is not any sort of union or official organization to protect instructors rights in the yoga industry. The yoga industry has grown in popularity, with nearly 40 million people practicing yoga in the USA, which is valued at over $16 billion per year. Yoga instructors have started to realize that they are not themselves getting a fair slice of the yoga ... Continue reading Why Do Yoga Teachers Need to Unionize on ...

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Loving-Kindness Meditation Can Keep You Young

To control and modify the aging process on our body, mind, and spirit has fascinated humans since the dawn of civilization. It is the source of myths and the realm of science fiction--yet a new medical study shows that the answer may lie within. Minimizing the bodys aging process may be as simple as the everyday practice of the Buddhist technique of Metta, or loving-kindness meditation. At least three studies ... Continue reading Loving-Kindness Meditation Can Keep You Young on https://www....

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