Surrender Meditation

Surrender is the choice to open up to what is actually going on inside us and around us.  It is the most profound form of alignment with reality – and it opens us to love.

Much suffering comes from the simple refusal to accept our reality.  Surrender is the attitude of deep acceptance that lets us experience the inevitable hardships and disappointments of life without resistance, without constantly wishing that things were different.  Surrendering instantly gives us back the energy we have been spending in resisting our lives, in feeling victimized, frustrated, or despairing. 

In physical terms, we practice surrender when we consciously relax into full awareness of a part of our body that hurts, rather than resisting the discomfort.  Surrender can also mean turning your situation over to a higher power, with the understanding that there are things our personal will does not have the power to change on its own.

So take a few moments now to practice surrender.  Choose now one single thing in your life that you have been resisting – whether it be physical pain, emotional hurt or some change in your life.  Allow yourself now to completely relax into full awareness of this issue, rather than resist the discomfort.  Surrender, if only for a moment, and explore that reality.


Contributed by Mary Oppermann —Yoga Hmmm Teacher

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