Meditation on Clearing Negativity

Sit comfortably, relax and focus for a while on your breathing.  Do not force or change your breathing in any way, but simply allow your awareness to follow the air as it enters your lungs then is released.  If you are breathing in a very shallow way, I invite you to deepen your breathing a little, but otherwise simply trust in your own breathing pattern.  As you watch your breathing, become aware of any particular tensions in your body and choose to let go of these tensions with your out-breath.

Imagine you are wearing a dark, heavy cloak.  The hood is up and is pulled right over your head, hiding your face.  Spend a little while really imagining this cloak, feeling its presence all around your physical form.

This dark, hooded cloak is the cloak of your negativity, your fears and the negative emotions, thoughts and sensations you experience in your life.  Really feel the heaviness of this cloak. 

Now become aware that this negative cloak is gradually lifting up and away from your body, taking with it all your negativity.  Really feel this cloak loosening and lifting away from you.

Imagine the cloak slowly vanishing.

Once it is completely gone, you are free to clothe yourself in a new cloak of your choice, a cloak of love, joy, beauty, protection, or any other quality you choose.  Choose the cloak you wish to wear right now.

Vividly imagine yourself wearing the new cloak you have chosen, this cloak of light and positive energy.  See its color and feel its strength and quality all around you.

Realize this new cloak is a symbol for you, for your soul.  Realize that you can wear whatever cloak you choose.


Contributed by Mary Oppermann —Yoga Hmmm Teacher

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