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The Yoga Hmmm yoga studio was established in 1996. Our inception was completely spontaneous. Upon moving to Houston, I began working as a "yogi" at one of the longest running local yoga studios, The Yoga Institute, located inside the loop, founded by Lex Gillan. In addition, I also co-facilitated a meditation group at an area church.

People in the West Houston part of town where we live, kept asking if I would start teaching yoga classes here. I felt that our 2 young children and part time work kept me busy enough, but decided to do a few classes per week in a residential setting.

We outgrew our small yoga studio quickly and the rest is history! When we opened the first commercial location, the first class was too large for the space. We worked with a constant waiting list for spots. So, we moved to a larger space.

At its beginnings, yoga was designed for the individual's needs and readiness, rather than a one-size-fits-all program. As with all things, yoga goes through cycles. Currently, it is easy to find, offered in virtually every fitness club and community center, in varying degrees of quality.  We choose to keep yoga at its roots -- catering to those who seek a one-on-one approach to embark on a yoga practice, or to those who want to delve deeper into their existing practice.  We hope to always be here for those students who want to come back to a purer approach to yoga.

Corporations turn to us for help in learning to improve their work atmosphere, reduce injury and have healthier happier workers.

In 2007 we left the studio to new owners and now our focus has shifted to bringing wellness techniques right to the workplace.

We continue to stick to the basics of this timeless art and we leave the trendier hybrids of yoga, to others.

Our easy going approach fits most fitness levels. We believe that people are beautiful in many shapes and sizes. We help our students find their own healthy body and tranquil mind. All of our instructors "live" their yoga and love to share its benefits with others.

— Kathryn Bumbaugh - Yoga Hmmm Owner and Teacher

Thanks to Sharon Loeffler aka Mother Lotus,
for helping bring this wild beauty to life.
Mother Lotus Sharon Loeffler
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