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Energizing Lunch Yoga Workout for Strength & Mobility

In this blog I’m sharing with you an intense, 43-minute LIVE recorded workout. This is an exclusive test run from our upcoming Yoga Charge - the newest Body by Yoga DVD! This workout was designed as an intense mid-day workout you can do during your lunch hour. The postures are mostly beginner-friendly, but it’s up to you how hard you want to push yourself - and whether or not you want to do the whole thing. This is an intense, full-body workout to build strength and mobility. You’ll sweat a lot...

Common Beginner Yoga Mistakes to Avoid

Today I want to address the most common errors I see people making in yoga postures and give you detailed instruction for how to correct these mistakes and maintain proper form. Experienced yogis (and even certified yoga instructors) are guilty of making these common yoga mistakes. Being aware of these mistakes is important for anyone practicing yoga or interested in practicing yoga. You shouldn’t have to rely on your yoga instructor to always adjust you and correct your technique. The post Com...

I was almost crushed by a tree branch this morning (Off the Mat)

I was out on my morning walk, and out of nowhere I heard an extremely loud CRASH!!!! When I heard the noise, I had just crossed the street with my dogs (Flowtron & Kaya) to return home, and I was with two other dog-owning neighbors of mine. Each of us spun around and to see what had happened, and were shocked to see that a HUGE branch had suddenly fallen out of a nearby tree – in the same exact spot we had been walking not more than a minute before. (You can see for yourself in the photo i...

Exercises You Can Do While Sitting

Sitting for a few hours at a time is sometimes unavoidable, whether you’re on a plane, riding in the passenger sit of a car, or at a desk. This full-body routine was designed for exactly those moments. Let me walk you through a series of exercises which can be done from a seated position, starting with exercises for your foot and ankle and working all the way to your head and neck for a full body challenge. The post Exercises You Can Do While Sitting appeared first on Man Flow Yoga. ...

Best Stretching Routine to Counter Sitting

Traveling is a great way to maintain balance in your life, destress, and boost creativity and overall happiness. Traveling also usually means sitting for an extended period of time in a car or on a plane. This routine includes 5 postures and is designed to efficiently counter the negative effects of sitting in just 10-12 minutes. These stretches can also be incorporated into your day on a regular basis to counter sitting at a desk or on a couch. When we sit our hip flexors are inactive and in ...

Pre-Travel Stretches for Air Travel

I get this question a lot: What are some stretches I can do BEFORE getting on a plane If youre going to be sitting on a plane for Several hours, youre gonna want to do some movement beforehand. Otherwise your butts going to start hurting, and your lower back is going to get stiff. Lets open up the chest with some back bends, prep the hips with hip flexor stretching and do a few twists to get the glutes moving. You might get a few odd looks in the terminal, but youll feel a lot better on the pl...