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5 Low-Impact Exercises to Build Muscle & Increase Strength (Guy-Friendly Yoga Postures)

I know you might be wondering - can yoga build muscle Specifically, will Man Flow Yoga help to replace resistance training Many people are interested in our fitness-centric form of yoga for men because it is a low-impact alternative to weights or traditional exercise, which are higher-impact and can be accompanied by discomfort, pain, or recurring injury. I want to show you 5 postures that are extremely effective for building muscle and increasing your strength, and give you some tips on how to...

3 Biggest Tips for Getting Started with Man Flow Yoga

I’m writing this to give you the 3 most important pieces of advice I tend to give to people starting Man Flow Yoga. You might even be surprised by what they are! The biggest issue isn’t exercise-related - it’s that people do not understand how important certain aspects of their life have on their overall health and wellness. I know what you might be thinking. Dean (that’s me) - you’re a yoga guy. Just give people the yoga workouts they need. Why would they need anything else It comes down to th...

Challenging Yoga Exercises You Can Do On A Chair

I filmed this video on Halloween, so I’m wearing my Dragon Ball Z Gohan costume, I even got the Super Saiyan hair! Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween! In this post I’m going to talk about some exercises you can do from a chair. Some of these are chair yoga inspired, and some of these are just exercises that you do using a chair. The reason why I’m focusing on chair exercises is because I’m currently working on a chair yoga project. It should be release some time in 2019. One of the things that...

Exercises to Improve Balance for Yoga

Want to get better at balancing You can do these 5 simple (and effective!) exercises with zero equipment to help you improve overall balance, one legged balance, and get better at balancing postures in yoga. You use balance a lot in yoga, but balance is required for most fitness-related activities and sports. Whether you’re hiking uneven terrain, trying a new workout or learning to surf, you’ll feel stronger, more confident and have more fun with better balance. Therefore, balance training exer...

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Pain-Free Yoga for Injury Prevention, Sports Injuries, & Rehabilitation - Inspired by Physical Therapy Is Yoga for Injury Prevention and Rehab right for you Are you concerned about injury caused by exercise Do you have recurring shoulder, back, or knee problems that just don’t seem to go away Are you recovering from a surgery or an injury, and want to make sure you choose an exercise that is safe and effective for you Yoga inspired by sports rehab and injury rehab is different from most ...

Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Intermediate & Advanced Yoga for Improved Asana Yoga Practice. This one’s for the yogis! Do you love yoga already, but want to learn more about specific technique for yoga postures (asanas) and deepen your yoga practice Maybe you’re looking for more intense workouts, or interested in the convenience of practicing yoga in your home when it best fits into YOUR schedule. Some days you might have time for a full 60-minute practice while other days you only have 20 or 30 minutes to get in a gr...

SKU-0172-1429455 Aeromat 72 X 24 In Elite Yoga/pilates Mat; Iris Green - 1429455 - Yoga & Pilates Yoga & Pilates Towels from Mansion Athletics  sku

Aeromat 72 X 24 In Elite Yoga/pilates Mat; Iris Green - 1429455 - Yoga & Pilates Yoga & Pilates Towels - 0172-1429455 by School Specialty

Item description: This Yoga Equipment Yoga & Pilates Towels product is by School Specialty - Aeromat 72 X 24 In Elite Yoga/pilates Mat, Iris Green Aeromat Elite Iris Green Yoga/Pilates Mat measuring 72 x 24 in is made of phthalates free Pvc closed-cell foam. Mat featuring sticky surface with a 1/4 in thickness is ideal for both yoga as well as Pi... Learn More

Manufacturer: School Specialty

Category: Yoga & Pilates Towels


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