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Introducing… the Body by Yoga Cork Yoga Mat!

(Made by Dean Pohlman, Founder of Man Flow Yoga) A luxury, soft, no-slip cork yoga mat that’s thicker, wider, and longer than traditional mats; a heavy duty, long-lasting yoga mat made from premium, sustainably-sourced cork and rubber, and featuring an optional built-in alignment system for perfect alignment in every posture. The post Introducing… the Body by Yoga Cork Yoga Mat! appeared first on Man Flow Yoga. ...

Weekend Warriors: Smart Fitness Training for High-Impact Injury Prevention & Flexiblity Training

You know who you are! Weekend Warriors work hard and play hard. On the weekend you’re hiking, working out, running, and doing spartan races. Whatever it is, you’re up for the challenge. But during the week, life gets in the way. Work, family and other obligations make it impossible to go to regular group fitness classes. During the week, you want to make sure you stay strong and do what you can do prevent injury for your weekend workouts, but your time is limited. You also may have this idea th...

How To Strengthen Shoulders & Prevent Shoulder Injury

Shoulders are a common source of pain and injury both in active and inactive men. Shoulder issues most commonly caused by improper movement patterns, weakness and lack of mobility in the muscles that attach to and work with the shoulders, poor posture throughout the day, inactivity, and imbalanced exercise. With the proper exercises on a regular basis, an improvement in overall daily movement patterns, shoulder pain can be a thing of the past. The post How To Strengthen Shoulders & Prevent...

How To Strengthen Your Knees to Prevent Knee Pain & Injury

Knee pain is one of the most common physical fitness issues there is, but most people tend to not understand the underlying causes. Most people have had knee pain at some point, and many active people have chronic knee pain, have had ligament tears such as MCL, ACL, or meniscus, and continue to be injury-prone in the knees. This pain or injury risk could be preventing you from engaging in physical fitness activities you used to enjoy. However, most knee problems are not caused by issues with th...

The Man Flow Yoga Holiday Challenge 2018

Introducing a workout program that works with your Holiday schedule. This flexible 1-month program balances your desire to complete your workouts with the limited free time and accessibility that accompanies the Holidays. This Holiday season, let’s commit to: Stay moderately active. Complete a few workouts per week. Maintain (and maybe even improve!) our fitness [avoid starting from scratch in January] Do the movements & exercise we need to feel good throughout the Holiday season. Take ti...

Longevity-Focused Fitness

Low-Impact, Joint-Friendly Exercise to Build Strength & Flexibility, Prevent Injury, & Improve Overall Wellness. This is for those people interested in an effective fitness program that promotes long-term health; to ensure functional, pain-free day to day movement, and allows you to build muscle, increase strength, and improve your mobility with a manageable, sustainable exercise program that leaves you energized and feeling fantastic, instead of burnt out and in pain. The post Longe...

SKU-0140-10004 Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mat Bags & Straps - 10004 - Wham-o Bz Basic Boogie And Body Board Bag With Straps And Compartments from Mansion Athletics  sku

Yoga & Pilates Yoga Mat Bags & Straps - 10004 - Wham-o Bz Basic Boogie And Body Board Bag With Straps And Compartments - 0140-10004 by Cannon Sports

Item description: This Yoga Equipment Yoga Mat Bags & Straps product is by Cannon Sports - BZ Basic Body board Bag w/ Straps and Compartments A fantastic Nylon Body board or Boogie Board Bag with fin compartment is super durable and can fit two boards, perfect for saving space while traveling. The BZ Body Board Bag can carry two full size body... Learn More

Manufacturer: Cannon Sports

Category: Yoga Mat Bags & Straps


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