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Effective, Low-Impact Fitness for Strength & Flexibility

Are you interested in a program to help you improve your strength and mobility, build muscle, improve body composition, improve overall wellness, and live a healthier lifestyle Man Flow Yoga is an effective, beginner-friendly form of low-impact fitness to help you do all of the above and more. You don’t need any prior yoga or fitness experience - and there’s no flexibility required. It’s yoga for people interested in the physical fitness, minus the spiritual stuff. The post Effective, Low-Impac...

5 Core Beliefs (Off the Mat)

Today I want to share with you some of my core beliefs - just 5, to be exact. Some of these have some application to fitness and health, while others do not. The reason I’m sharing these with you today is because I want to share my values without religious or political context. This way you can see what I actually believe - instead of making assumptions based on my affiliation to a particular group. The post 5 Core Beliefs (Off the Mat) appeared first on Man Flow Yoga. ...

Prevent Neck Pain – Stretching & Mobility For Head & Neck

Ready to get of neck and shoulder pain Here are some of my favorite stretches and mobility techniques (SMR – self-myofascial release) for releasing tension in your neck and shoulders, improving neck mobility, and preventing neck or head pain. Part 1: Foam Rolling Part 2: Lacrosse Ball Part 3: Stretching The goals of this routine ... Read More The post Prevent Neck Pain – Stretching & Mobility For Head & Neck appeared first on Man Flow Yoga. ...

My #1 Motivational Advice (Off the Mat)

I want to address what I think is the biggest obstacle when it comes to being successful with a fitness program. It’s relatively easy to find an effective program, but if that were all that’s required to be successful, then why are so many of us still struggling I started a Start Smart program a few months ago to help members of our community get specific advice on the biggest challenges holding them back from being successful with their fitness. The issue of motivation came up often, and I wan...

5 Low-Impact Exercises to Build Muscle & Increase Strength (Guy-Friendly Yoga Postures)

I know you might be wondering - can yoga build muscle Specifically, will Man Flow Yoga help to replace resistance training Many people are interested in our fitness-centric form of yoga for men because it is a low-impact alternative to weights or traditional exercise, which are higher-impact and can be accompanied by discomfort, pain, or recurring injury. I want to show you 5 postures that are extremely effective for building muscle and increasing your strength, and give you some tips on how to...

3 Biggest Tips for Getting Started with Man Flow Yoga

I’m writing this to give you the 3 most important pieces of advice I tend to give to people starting Man Flow Yoga. You might even be surprised by what they are! The biggest issue isn’t exercise-related - it’s that people do not understand how important certain aspects of their life have on their overall health and wellness. I know what you might be thinking. Dean (that’s me) - you’re a yoga guy. Just give people the yoga workouts they need. Why would they need anything else It comes down to th...

SKU-0129-827008287895-DVD Sun Salutations: Blending Yoga Forms - Dvd Format - 827008287895-dvd - Yoga & Pilates Yoga & Pilates Blocks from Mansion Athletics  sku

Sun Salutations: Blending Yoga Forms - Dvd Format - 827008287895-dvd - Yoga & Pilates Yoga & Pilates Blocks - 0129-827008287895-DVD by Coaches Choice

Item description: This Yoga Equipment Yoga & Pilates Blocks product is by Coaches Choice - Sun salutations are generally practiced to warm the body during yoga sessions. However, they also can be used as the foundation for building an entire class. Utilizing three traditional sun salutations (surya namaskara) as a method of fusing the main focu... Learn More

Manufacturer: Coaches Choice

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