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SKU-805761491 Glittering Amethyst Gemstone Heart Accents from Buddha Groove  sku

Glittering Amethyst Gemstone Heart Accents - 805761491 by BuddhaGroove

Item description: This Jewelry Spirit product is by BuddhaGroove - A stunning centerpiece for your coffee table or altar, this amethyst heart features natural crystal formations that glitter and shine. An accent and healing tool all in one, amethyst gemstone is said to vibrate with a calming energy that inspires tranquil... Learn More

Manufacturer: BuddhaGroove

Store: Buddha Groove is a leading online destination for Spiritual and Inspirational Jewelry, Buddha Statues, Meditation Mats and Malas, Singing Bowls, Ritual Items (prayer wheels, flags, incense), Zen Garden Accents, Home Decor (art, fountains, lighting), Apparel, Books and more. Catering to people seeking more Zen in their lives, Buddha Groove’s collection of home accents, garden decor, and personal items serve, first and foremost, to inspire and rejuvenate the mind and body.

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